A Centre for development has been established for each of the 8 planning regions in Republic of North Macedonia. The planning regions were created for regional development planning and for realizing measures and instruments for promoting balanced regional development. Regional development planning begins with a planning document which serves as a strategy for regional development in Republic of North Macedonia on the national level and is followed by each center creating a program for the development of the planning region. This program is approved by each planning region in accordance with the strategy and the program documents for Macedonia’s integration into the European Union.

The institutions responsible for the promotion of the policy for balanced regional development are:

  • The government of the Republic of North Macedonia,
  • The Council for balanced regional development of Republic of North Macedonia,
  • Ministry of Local Government and
  • The Council for development of the east planning region.

The institutions responsible for the process of regional development planning and implementation of the planning document for regional development are:

  • Тhe Bureau for regional development,
  • The Centre for development of the planning regions.

The following chart illustrates the institutional structure responsible for promoting and implementing the policy for balanced regional development: