Municipality of Bogdanci located on the left bank of the Vardar river, covering the southern most part of Republic of North Macedonia. It borders with municipalities of Dojran, Valandovo and Gevgelija, and shares the border with R. Greece. Morphologically, the municipality is in exceptional standing of the land, providing one of the best agricultural surfaces, particularly for production of the early garden. It borders the municipalities of Star Dojran, Valandovo and Gevgelija, and in a wider area with the state border line with Greece. The composition of the municipality includes only four settlements, of which Bogdanci is the central place and seat of the municipality. The other settlements are: Stojakovo, Selemli and Gjavoto. In terms of orographic conditions, all settlements are flat, at a low altitude, less than 100 meters.

Geographic area: a:     114 km2

Population:                     8707

Populated places:         4

Main industries:           Agriculture and Transport

Companies:                    206

Main priorities for local economic development:

Development of agriculture, capacity building for agriculture processing, establishment of new small and medium size enterprises, utilizing and revitalizing the educated labor force.

Municipality of Bosilovo is located in the fertile Strumica valley, between Ograzden and Belasica Mountains. The river Strumica I Turija passes through this municipality and joins to form Struma River in R. Bulgaria. It borders with the neighbour municipalities of Vasilevo, Novo Selo and Strumica and these municipalities form Strumica micro-region.

Geographic area:            140 km2

Population:                       14 260

Populated places:           16

Main industries:             Agriculture and farming

Companies:                       175

Main priorities for local economic development:

Development of modern agricultural production for healthy food, development of eco tourism, protection of environment, support for development of small and medium size enterprises.

Valandovo is an urban municipality located near Vardar River. According to absolute sea level, it is one of the lowest points in the country, with average height of 226 meters. The settlements are located along Vardar River, on its left bank, and at the base of the Plavush mountain. Competitive advantages of the municipality are the excellent climatic conditions, favourable geographical location (crossroads to the borders with R.Greece and R.Bulgaria) as well as archaeological sites.

Geographic area:          331 km2

Populaiton:                       11 890

Populated places:          19

Main industries:            Agriculture, textile and food processing (vegetable processing)

Companies:                    260

Main priorities for local economic development:

Development of agriculture production, establishment of industrial zone.

The territory of municipality of Vasilevo covers the northwest part of Strumica valley. This municipality borders the municipalities of Bosilovo, Berovo, Radovish, and parts of Konche and Strumica. Competitive advantages of the municipality are the possibility for developing village tourism, production of healthy food, using the potential of the dam Turia, organizing and managing of regional waste disposal in v. Dobroshinci.

Geographic area:           221 км2

Population:                       12 122

Populated places:          18

Main industries:            Agriculture, farming, Fruit growing, Wood industry, Food and textile.

Companies:                    150

Main priorities for local economic development:

Expansion of the industrial zone to Vasilevo village, preparation of technical documentation for establishment of industrial zones in the other settlements in the municipality, opening a large market for agriculture products, development of public enterprise for drinking and waste water management.

Municipality of Gevgelija is situated in the southern part of North Macedonia, near the border with R. Greece, on elevation of 64 meters. The primary axis of development stretching across the Vardar valley in the north-south is a part of the 10th corridor, which passes through Gevgelija. The border position of the municipality of Gevgelija with R. Greece is an important competitive advantage. There is potential for locating company capacities, requiring large transport of raw materials and finished products due to close proximity of the Thessaloniki port. One future consideration is creating a “horizontal” link – from Bitola through Mariovo to Gevgelija, as a traffic route linking the eastern and western parts of North Macedonia and would also integrate the most important tourist venues.

Geographic area:          485 км2

Population:                       22 988

Populated places:          17

Main industries:            Textile industry, food processing, metallurgy, electrical and PVC processing

Companies:                     712

Main priorities for local economic development:

Production of eco food, development of tourism (transitive, spa and ski), implementation of the project “Free Economic Zone”.

Municipality of Dojran is located on Dojran Lake in the Southeast end of North Macedonia, on elevation of 146 meters, on the border with neighbouring R. Greece. The height Kalatepe (691 meters) is located on the western coast of the lake. The field Asanlisko, part of the Nikolic valley the hill Bosco (720 meters) are located on the northwest side. Belasica Mountain and Krusha Mountain are located on the east side. All of them are slightly sinking into the lake, creating fertile surfaces for agriculture. The lowest part of the valley is on south, near the settlement of Kara-Dojran in R. Greece.

Geographic area:           132 км2           

Population:                       3426

Populated places:           14

Main industries:             Tourism and agriculture

Companies:                      74

Main priorities for local economic development:

Development of tourism (summer, sport and transit), opening location for small industrial capacities, development of wine growing and early vegetable production.

Konche today is a typically rural municipality located in the central–east part of Republic of North Macedonia, surrounded with Konechka mountain, Demir Kapija, Valandovo, Strumica, Vasilevo and Radovish. Acoording to the morphological characteristics of this municipality, it presents a separate natural geographical environment. This agricultural farm municipality has three artificial lakes.

Geographic area:           237 км2           

Population:                      3536

Populated places:           14

Main industries:             Agriculture, farming, fruit growing

Companies:                    60

Main priorities for local economic development:

Establishment of new business capacities, improvement of the existing infrastructure in order to make better connection with the other municipalities.

Municipality of Novo Selo is located in the southeast end of Republic of North Macedonia. Ograzden Mountain is located on the north side of the municipality, the wide plain of the river Strumica is in the middle part and the Belasica Mountain is in the southern part. This municipality borders with the municipalities Berovo, Bosilovo and Strumica, and it is the only one in R.Macedonia that borders two EU states. This municipality also contains the highest waterfall and other natural, historical and cultural treasures.

Geographic area:            252 км2           

Population:                      11 966

Populated places:          16

Main industries:            Agriculture, wood, textile, food, processing, construction, tourism and catering.

Companies:                     230

Main priorities for local economic development:

Improvement of the quality of the life of the citizens, create conditions for economic growth and support for small and medium size enterprises.

Situated in southeast part of Republic of North Macedonia, municipality of Radovish covers the northwest part of the wide Radovish – Strumica valley and the up riverflow of the Radovishka river. Competitive main advantages of this municipality are the location, the production of healthy ecological food and favourable conditions for development and investments. 

Geographic area:           608 км2           

Population:                      28 244

Populated places:         20

Main industries:            Agriculture and textile

Companies:                     140

Main priorities for local economic development:

Support for small and medium size enterprises, employment and infrastructure.

Municipality of Strumica is embedded in the southeast part of Republic of North Macedonia, below the interstate line between R. Bulgaria and R. Greece. It covers the western part of the fruitful Strumica valley. On the east side this municipality borders Bosilovo, on the west side borders Konche, on the north side borders Vasilevo, on the southeast with Novo Selo, and on the southwest borders Valandovo. 

Geographic area:                  322 км2

Population:                               54 676

Populated places:                 25

Main industries:                   Agriculture and farming, food processing, wood, mining, metallurgy, electrical and textile.

Companies:                           6669

Main priorities for local economic development:

 Establishments of new industrial zones, development of modern agricultural production of healthy food, regional center for common offering of early growing vegetables, development of alternative tourism,  modernisation the regional road and network.