Kolesino waterfalls and Mokrino springs enriched with new content

Kolešino waterfall located in the heart of the Belasitsa mountain, as part of the activities of the project “Tourism – the future of the region” implemented by the Centre for the Development of the Southeast Planning Region in partnership with the municipality of Novo Selo, financially supported by the Regional Development Bureau, received new content.

The path for climbing to the waterfall has been paved, a new fence was installed in places where there was none before and the existing one has been repaired, the parking lot has been leveled and filled, next to which a parking structure for bicycles has been added, the existing summerhouses have been renovated, a new wooden platform has been made, new trash cans, benches, tables, wooden signposts and traffic signs have been installed, which will enable tourists to have a pleasant stay when visiting these tourist destinations.

The Mokrino springs have been enriched with a new concrete access path for people with special needs, one summerhouse has been adapted for easy access with a wheelchair and parking spaces have been marked for them.

In addition to this content, new summerhouses were additionally built and the existing ones were repaired, the old props were completely replaced with new ones (new trash cans, wooden road signs and traffic signs were installed), a traditional Macedonian oven was made that all visitors can use.

The contractor of the activities of this project DGT “MAJSTOR KOMPANI” completed the planned actions in less than 2 months, and the value of the implemented activities is MKD 4,609,623.00 including VAT.