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The Centre for Development with a new project through the Program for Cross-Border Cooperation with Greece


January 22, 2022


With the signing of the Agreement on 17.01.2022, the Centre for the Development of the South-Eastern Planning Region started the implementation of the project “Business Ecosystem as an Integrated System – Bi In”, financed by the European Union through the Interreg IPA Program for cross-border cooperation between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia.

The project aims to help individuals develop their skills and businesses to increase their capacity by creating a coherent, integrated and innovative business ecosystem that enables networking and strengthening of ideas in order to reduce the gap between supply and demand and market demand in the cross-border region.

Within the project is predicted a cross-sectoral and qualitative surveys accompanied by in-depth interviews, which will provide a broader picture of the workforce and trends in entrepreneurship, and will reveal important weaknesses. It also plans support, assistance in operations and encouragement of new ideas to existing small and medium-sized enterprises, through the development of a toolkit in order to strengthen the current operational capacities.

For young entrepreneurs from the South-East planning region, it is planned to organize a seven-day camp through which they will be able to develop their skills for writing a business plan, to acquire new knowledge in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, but also to socialize and motivate for taking specific actions.

The 3D equipment that will be purchased will be presented to the general public and target groups by holding six open days where the attendees will have the opportunity to get to know this type of equipment and the advantages it offers.

These are only part of the activities that will be implemented within the project with a budget of 152,482.50 euros intended for  CDSEPR. The total budget of the project is 910,144.71 euros, and the activities will be implemented in the next 18 months.



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