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Open days for presentation of 3D equipment


November 16, 2022


The Centre for the development of the South-East planning region in order to enable support in the development of new ideas and networking between the academy, the business community, NGOs and the unemployed began with the organization of 6 open days for the presentation of 3D scanning and printing equipment that has been procured within of the project “Business ecosystem as an integrated system – Be In”, financed through the Interreg IPA Programme for cross-border cooperation between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia.

The open days are organized in the period of November – December 2022 in the premises of the Centre for development of the South-East planning region. During the open days representatives from the business sector, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, freelancers, future entrepreneurs and researchers from the South-East region have the opportunity to learn about the introduction of innovations in the design and production processes of various 3D products through the use of 3D printers and scanners.

The first two open days were organized on November 7 and 8, 2022, during which professors and students from secondary municipal schools from the South-Еast region got to know how 3D printers work, the materials used, the the technical specifications, the programs used, but they also had the opportunity to design and print models together with the presenters, in order to learn how 3D printing works and the duration of such a process. The attendees shared their knowledge and experience about this type of printing and its importance both in the educational process and in the industry.

The open days will continue to be organized in the following period in the premises of the Centre for development of the South-East planning region, starting at 11:00 a.m. and in the following schedule:

OPEN DAY #3 – 24.11.2022 (Thursday)
OPEN DAY #4 – 25.11.2022 (Friday)
OPEN DAY #5 – 30.11.2022 (Wednesday)
OPEN DAY #6 – 01.12.2022 (Thursday)

All those interested can announce their presence at the following contact:
Contact person: Marjan Molchanov, Tel: 076/228-823



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